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Produced by the Shift Network, The Summer of Peace (SoP) is the largest online event committed to peace on the planet! We’ve traveled to every corner of the globe searching for the most dedicated peacebuilders, so we could share their wisdom with YOU.

The monumental online event takes place each year — via the web and on the phone — and thousands of people from over 120 countries around the planet gather together to bring inner, interpersonal and collective peace efforts to the next level.

You’ll hear from the world’s top social change agents, Indigenous elders, political leaders, scientists and spiritual mentors who are offering inspiration, skills training and powerful solutions — so you can discover potent practices for cultivating more inner peace and exciting ways to take inspired action in your home, community and the world.

We can’t wait for you to hear what these luminaries have to share!

Additionally, as part of The Shift Network’s commitment to peace, we have also created the first virtual World Peace Library. The 2015 Summer of Peace programs will eventually become part of this FREE global resource, but you can also access this invaluable free resource here now.

Join us in celebrating peace — from the inner to international levels.

Philip Hellmich,
Director of Peace, The Shift Network